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qwer posted @ 2014年6月20日 16:48 in CodeChef with tags codechef June Sereja and Arcs , 16746 阅读

CodeChef June14


Name Code Successful Submission Accuracy
Chef and SubarraySolved CHEFZOT 5554 34.66
Guessing GameSolved GUESS 4397 23.11
Forgot PasswordSolved FORGETPW 2579 10.4
Chef and Digit JumpsSolved DIGJUMP 1484 7.74
Maxim and ProgressionsSolved MAXPR 729 11.58
Chef and FunctionsSolved FUNC 626 3.16
Little Elephant and BlocksSolved LEBLOCKS 300 15.58
Two CompaniesSolved TWOCOMP 141 8.37
DARTS501Solved DARTS 86 2.62
Sereja and ArcsSolved SEAARC 36 3.66


Rank Country User Score
1 mugurelionut 10
2 sokian 9.94
3 kevinsogo 9.932
4 notimesea 9.915
5 wangyisong1996 9.912
6 avolchek 9.895
7 xllend3 9.822
8 stolis 9.75
9 zcc598066456 9.742
10 zhouyuchen 9.697


Chef and Subarray


Guessing Game


Forgot Password


Chef and Digit Jumps


Maxim and Progressions


Chef and Functions

__Shi 据说是打表+乱搞。。

Little Elephant and Blocks


Two Companies


Sereja and Arcs:












Orz __Shi - >
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2014年6月20日 16:50


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